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Co-ed Volleyball Rules

Vogt Recreation Center

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VOGT Co-ed Volleyball Rules 2015


  1. Team Size
  • A team consists of 6 players (3 women, 3 men). There shall be no limit to the number of eligible players.
  • The minimum number of players that can start a game are two female players and two male players.
  • At no time can a team field fewer than four players, or more male players than females (2 women, 2 men or 3 women, 2 men).
  1. Eligibility
  • Only players listed on the official roster are eligible to participate on a volleyball team.
  • All players must meet the age eligibility requirements of 25 years of age or older.
  • Additions and subtractions to official team roster must be made prior to that team’s third league game. No changes to rosters will be accepted after that time.
  • All players must sign-in for each match series.
  • Players must make half of the matches to be eligible for the playoffs, no exceptions.
  • No “A” team players allowed

III. Dimensions

  • The top of the net of coed play shall be set at the women’s height from the floor.
  1. Player Position
  • Serving order and position on the floor must be an alternation of men and women.
  • Switching after the serve is permissible
    • Player switching can occur only after the ball is contacted on serve.
  1. Length of Match
  • Matches are generally scheduled within a one-hour time frame.
  • A match will consist of three games. All games rally scoring: the games to 25
  • All three games played will be used to compute league standings.
  • Play-off matches will be best 2-of-3.
  1. Ball in Play
  • When the ball is played by more than one player on the team, a player of the opposite gender must make one of the contacts.

VII. Blocking

  • When there are two females and only one male on the front line, a back line player (usually a male) may come up to the front line to block.
  • However, no back line player is allowed to spike the ball unless his/her takeoff is behind the ten-foot line.

VIII. Attacking Coed Play

  • Under the rules of play (8 foot net), no attacking (hitting) restrictions will apply expect those prescribed under regulation USVBA rules.
  1. Ball Handling (Setting)
  • Both hands must contact all overhead passes (sets) with two hands simultaneously in a clearly distinct manner.
  • The legality of all ball-handling attempts will be at the discretion of the official. His or her interpretation shall be the interpretation that will be used for that match.
  • Deep-dish, hesitation, angled-direction, and one-hand sets will always be critically analyzed by the game official.
  1. Timeouts
  • A team is allowed one time-out each game without penalty.
  • Time-outs should not exceed 45 seconds.
  • While the ball is dead the playing captain may make a request for time out to the official, but requests for time-outs shall not be granted after the official has blown his whistle to indicate readiness for play.
  1. Forfeits
  • Forfeit time is 10 minutes for the first game and another 5 minutes for the entire match set.