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Mens Softball Rules

Vogt Men’s Spring Softball Rules 2015

1. The league is governed by ASA rules, except where stated as a house rule.

2. Elastic Clause: The league directors have the authority to make any decision that they deem necessary for the good of the league.

3. The league directors are the Vogt Staff

3. No alcoholic beverages are permitted at Vogt, (before or during game). Penalty for breaking this rule is forfeit of game and a team fine of $50 (fifty dollars). Hats are not mandatory but if worn Must be Worn Correctly!!!!!

4. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of anyone (players or spectators) sitting on or near the vicinity of the team’s bench. This responsibility extends from the start of the game to anything that happens after the game at the field.

5. ASA insurance does not cover windshields or broken windows. Vogt can not be held responsible for broken windows.

6. There is to be No Cursing of any kind during the game. The player will receive one warning; the second violation by the player will result in an ejection.


1. A regulation game is when there are 3 1/2 innings played with the home team ahead, or 5 innings played with the visiting team ahead. The Coach Must take the Grounds Rules before the beginning of the Game. He is the only one on or Off the Field who is allowed to Speak to The Umpire About A Call Or Ruling in the Game. Anyone Else is Subject to Ejection.

2. No innings may begin after 1 1/2 hours from the scheduled start of the game, on fields where there is D.P. Headers & single games. On Fields that have Triple Headers THE TIME LIMIT IS 1Hr.15 Min. One complete inning will be played if there is a tie using the International Tie Breaker System, if it is still a tie, then the game will be finished at the end of the regular season if necessary. There are no time limits for playoff games. If a playoff game is interrupted the game will pick up at the exact point where it stopped. If the Game doesn’t get started on time because of any reason, the time limits on all Games are taken from Schedule Starting Time of that Game. EXCEPTION: Unless the Umpire is late, than it is from the time he start’s the game.

3. There is a 10 run rule in this league. The game will be called if one team is down by 10 runs or more and it has reached the status of a regulation game. There is also a 15 run rule after 3 complete innings. At the end either 5 complete innings or 3 complete innings if either team goes ahead for the run rule the home team does not bat. If any team gets to the Run Rule after 3 or 4 1/2 complete Innings the Game Ends at that Spot!!!

4. A team must have 9 players to start a game, the team, however, will be given an automatic out every time the missing 10th player is reached in the line-up. Once the game has started ONLY the tenth player may be Added All other additions must be Legal Substitute. There is a max of 12 players allowed to bat. Note: This is two EP’s (extra players), not a DH. The pitcher must bat.

5. Fouled third strike is in effect.

6. Courtesy runners are not allowed. Unless a player is granted an exemption by the league directors or by the umpire before start of the game.

7. The umpire will go over ground rules before each game. Certain fields have different ground rules. Coaches must be presented.

8. There are to be No Piercing’s of any kind worn during play or Smoking on the Playing Field. The player will receive one warning, the second violation by the player will result in ejection.

9. The winning team should call Vogt with the score immediately after the game. This will allow us to keep the standings on our web site up to date. (215) 685-8753.

10. The umpire fee is to be paid at the beginning of the game. The fee for the 2014 season is $25.00 per team

11. There is No Forfeit Time, Game Time is the Forfeit Time. Except on Field #5 the 6:15 game has a 15 minute forfeit time. The game will start At 6:25 with the team that does not have 9 players Batting First. If at that time they don’t have their 9th player when they reach their ( 3 ) outs the GAME IS OVER!!!

12. All hitters will start with a one and one (1-1) count (one ball and one strike)


1. Each team will be allowed 20 players on their roster.

2. All players on the roster will be eligible for the playoffs.

3. Scorebooks: Player’s first and last names should be used, and the date of the game must be written in. The scorebooks will be used exclusively for this league. It is too difficult to figure out player eligibility if games from other leagues are in the same book as games from our league. It is up to the coach to keep track of his book. He should periodically make copies of his scorebook in case it is lost, stolen, or damaged.

4. Rosters: The deadline for rosters is April 25th, 2015. Rosters will be filled out at the softball fields with players filling out the roster in person. Players not present to fill out the rosters when the Department of Parks and Recreation staff collect rosters from the softball teams may stop in the Department of Parks and Recreation office to add their name on the Official Team Roster staff will be available to the need of the players from 2:00pm until 8:30pm, Monday through Friday. After May 1st, 2015 no other players can be added to your roster. Only players on the official roster can play in the playoffs. Players refusing to fill out or complete the roster can no longer play in the Vogt Men’s Softball League.

5. Switching Teams: Players may not switch teams.


1. Protests will be accepted for incorrect rule interpretations only. Judgment may never be protested. In the case of a legitimate protest the league director may appoint an impartial board to rule on the matter.

2. To protest a game, a coach must tell the umpire he wishes to protest the game at the time of the incident. The umpire should be told to write a brief description of the umpire’s version of the incident in the protesting team’s scorebook. The umpire should block off what he has written and sign it. The coach is to call Vogt within 24 hours of the incident to let us know the game is under protest, and leave a message on the answering machine if the staff does not answer the phone. Also, within 24 hours, the coach must have a formal written protest ready for the league directors. The written protest must: briefly give the coach’s version of the incident, give the rule violated, and include a $25 protest fee.


1. If a player or coach has been ejected he must immediately leave the playground. He must not be within sight or hearing distance of the umpire. The suspended player or coach will be suspended for the next game.

2. The second time a player is ejected in one season will result in a five game suspension. He cannot be present for any of the games that he is suspended for.

3. If a player is ejected 3 times in one season then he will be expelled from the league.

4. Players, coaches, or fans that strike an umpire will be automatically expelled from the league. This includes any time before, during, or after the game.

5. The player or coach that throws the first punch in a fight will be ejected from the league immediately.

6. Any rule not covered, the league directors will make the final decision.


1. All teams must have matching shirts by the first Friday in May 2015. Failure to do so will result in the forfeit of games.

2. The official ball is the Dudley SB 12, White Stitch. Each team needs a new ball for each game.

3. We are a wooden bat league. Teams can use any wooden bat that has softball stamped on it by the manufacturer. Teams are to put all bats to be used during game up against the cage at beginning of the game for inspection by umpire. Any team caught corking or modifying a bat will not be allowed to participate in the playoffs.

4. The home team must supply bases, mound, and home plate. Failure to do so warrants a forfeit. No exceptions.

5. Metal spikes and Metal tipped spikes & Football Spikes are not allowed. The ONLY Legal Spikes Are One Piece Plastic or Rubber Molded Spikes!!


1. The league fee is $425

ASA Registration- $ 25
Five JBF Phillies Tickets for each team- $ 150
Prize Money- $125
Vogt Rec Programs- $125

Total – $425

2. Each Team will pay the umpires $25 before the start of each game. In both the A and B flight championship playoffs there will be two umpires to pay for.

3. All league fees are non-refundable except for the forfeit fee paid at the beginning of the year.

4. Due to the high volume of schedule change requests we receive there will now be a fee in order to change a scheduled game, $25 per schedule change. All requests must be made a week prior to the game. No schedule change will be considered within that week prior to the game, you must forfeit the game if you cannot field a team.

5. The 10 and 15 run rule will prevail in all playoffs.

6. Teams may request a special schedule for a fee of $100. This “Special Schedule” does not apply to playoffs and the benefit of the league will supersede the “Special Schedule”.