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Mens Volleyball Rules


Our league uses USA Volleyball Rules,
2004-05 USA Volleyball Rules unless superceded by a House Rule:
Time Outs- 2 per game, 30 seconds each
Teams must have a minimum of 4, four, players to start play
Toss For Service – each player receives only one toss per service attempt.
**No re-serve (players have 8 seconds to contact the ball to serve)
Blocking or Spiking the Serve is not allowed.
Served ball Contacting the Net – a served ball that contacts the net and continues to the opponent’s side remains in play
Double Hits – Allowed only on the first reception of the ball over the net on any part of the body, as long as the ball is not being held or carried.
Back Row Attacker – if a back row player plays the ball above the height of the net while on or in front of the ten foot line and if it goes over the net or if it enters the vertical plane of the net and is legally blocked by the opposing team, it is an illegal attack.
Crossing the center line – Players may penetrate into the opponents court provided some part of the body remains either in contact with or directly above the center line.
Contacting the Ball While in the Body of Net on the Opponent’s Side – If contact of the net is initiated by the player on the other side of the net by moving hands/arms forward, net foul occurs.
Retrieving the Ball While in the Opponent’s Free Space – Ball is out of play as soon as it completely crosses the center line out of bounds.
Scoring – USA volleyball rules, each match consists of three games, each game is to 25 points using rally points. With a 28 point cap.
Starting Times – 7:00p, 8:00p, 9:00p, each team is allotted one hour. Ten minutes after the start time will be the forfeit time.
Playoffs – Players must make 50% of the matches to be eligible for the playoffs. All six teams make the playoffs. Match format is best of three games (first to 25points).
Ref Fees – $20 per team, $25 for the playoffs.
League fee – $300.00/team
$TBA Regular Season Champs
$TBA Playoff Champs
$TBA Playoff Runnerup
No Unsportsmanlike Conduct: will be tolerated among players with each other or with ref (First a verbal warning, then a yellow card, then suspension and possible expulsion from the league.)