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Womens Volleyball Rules

We are currently taking sign-ups for our 2015-2016 Women’s Volleyball Season.


1 Teams must have at least 4 players to begin a game
2 Forfeit Time is 10 minutes
3 Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. The League Directors will throw out any player who exhibits abusive behavior towards the referee or another player out of the league.
4 The League Directors are the Vogt Staff
5 Players must make half the games to be eligible for the playoffs. The exception is for a medical problem that is made known to the league directors.
6 Each player must sign the score sheet after each game, for proof of playoff eligibility.
7 All six teams will play in the playoff, all playoff matches are Best of One. Each of the two teams that make the Finals will pay an additional $10 for the referee due to it being a 5 match game. The league will pick up the remaining cost.
8 Prize Money:
1st Place Regular Season $75
2nd Place Playoffs $50
1st Place Playoffs $400
9 In case of inclement weather check the website to see if games are still on
10 If you know that you will not have enough players for a game please call Vogt as a courtesy to the other team so that they don’t come over and not play, and also we can save you the forfeit fee if we tell the referee ahead of time
11 The League Fee for 2015-2016 is $300/team
12 Referee fee is $20 per team, per game
13 Forfeit Fee is $40 which must be paid before your next game
14 Our league uses USA Volleyball Rules.